Zeke Falcone
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Ezekiel "Zeke" Falcone was born in Japan, as revealed in the episode "Head of Skate". He is the smartest of the two, but still he is a C- student and only got an A+ once in the episode, "Board in Class". His biggest weakness however is his crush on Olivia Masterson, his next door neighbor, but later on in the series he does not really care for girls much and thinks that the only "perfect girl", is his skateboard, as he says in the episode "Double Crush." His last name is revealed to be Falcone in the episode "The Bro List". He is the older but shorter one of the two being 6'. He has a cousin named Mia whom Luther despises for taking the mascot position in 7th grade. Zeke's best friend is Luther Waffles. Also Zeke has a not so sister Ginger Falcone living under the same roof as him (not so pleseant idea for him) he has tried to change her way of being in the episode "The Gingernator" but backfires because she wants to take Luther his best buddy away from him.